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Can you name the words that add a letter at a time to the middle 1-letter words to scramble and make longer words?

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TV actor Boreanaz5
A glamorous and larger-than-life female pop star4
The act of helping3
A spot from a marketer2
A human blood type1
Company that makes the Sims and Madden NFL2
Your years since birth3
A strong wind4
TV show staring Boreanaz as the title Vampire with a soul5
A secluded narrow valley4
Table supporter3
Public transit in Chicago2
RI + NH + ME + CT + VT + MA2
The loneliest number3
Olfactory organ4
TV show staring Boreanaz as an FBI agent working with Emily Deschanel5
High end stereo speakers maker4
Foolish talk or nonsense2
A human blood type1
A female-only medical field2
The black market in District 12 in 'The Hunger Games' with the3
Opposite of neither4
FBI Agent Seeley played by Boreanaz5

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