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Can you name the words that add a letter at a time to the central 1-letter word to scramble and make longer words?

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A US President5
Utah city named for an ancient kingdom4
Interjection from Emeril3
Time before noon2
1000, to Caesar1
Document sent to a publisher2
Spade the detective3
Corn-based Mexican dough4
A US President5
Conjugation of 'to love' in Latin4
Genetic disease causing muscular decay3
'___ Time Goes By'2
180° on a compass1
Dar ___ Salaam2
'___ Just Not That Into You'3
Former Mets stadium4
A US President5
Slangy assent4
Si on the high seas3
Genre of lit for teens2
Male-only chromosome1
365 ds2
3 in a deck4
A US President5
City of ancient Phoenicia4
Alien who likes Reese's Pieces2
A hydrogen with two neutrons1
Home to U Memphis and Vandy2
Insect on a hill3
Drink for an astronaut4
A US President5
Pushed the doorbell4
Director Lee of 'Brokeback Mountain'3
Sha ___ ___: Do wop rock band2
0° on a compass1
Na+ or Cl-, e.g.3
Boy, in Spanish4
A US President5

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