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Can you name the shows that these 4 cast members were on given a character name and the years they were on the show?

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Ed O'Neill
(1987-1997) → Al Bundy 
(2001) → Det. Michael Mooney 
(2003-2004) → Lt. Joe Friday 
(2007) → Bill Jacks 
(2009-Present) → Jay Pritchett 
Katey Sagal
(1985-1986) → Jo Tucker 
(1987-1997) → Peg Bundy 
(1999-Present) → Turanga Leela 
(2002-2005) → Cate Hennessy 
(2008-Present) → Gemma Morrow 
Christina Applegate
(1986-1987) → Robin Kennedy 
(1987-1997) → Kelly Bundy 
(1998-2000) → Jesse Warner 
(2007-2009) → Sam Newly 
(2011-Present) → Reagan Brinkley 
Ted McGinley
(1980-1984)* → Roger Phillips 
(1984-1986)* → 'Ace' Covington Evans 
(1986-1987)* → Clay Fallmont 
(1989-1997)* → Jefferson D'Arcy 
(2003-2006) → Charley Shanowski 

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