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Name the words that contain WEE from clues and lengths.

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ClueWEE WordLength
In the space that separates7
The party who will receive a check6
A nerd or geek5
October 31st9
1/100th of a Zambian kwacha5
Arrogant and presumptuous11
A member of a youth sports league6
Demonic barber Todd7
Use a broom5
Sugary to taste5
Very small (hyphenated)6-6
ClueWEE WordLength
Excessively cute or dainty4
Type of fabric or Tammany Hall boss5
One the Wonderland twins10
Kid who is 12 or under5
Former Colts coach Eubank4
Unwanted garden plant4
7 days4
Slangy hot dog6
Become lachrymose4
A crop-destroying beetle6
Pokémon that evolves from Koffing7

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