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Can you name the 4-letter words in this ladder that features all the US #1 hits?

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Clue4-Letter Word
★ 1974 Hit by MFSB
(Mother, Father, Sister, Brother) ★
Too many, in French
An object in a play or movie
Get ready for
Sound a chick makes
Earl or Duke, e.g.
Tree fruit
Mountain top
★ 1992 Hit by SWV ★
Don clothes
365 days
★ 2004 Hit by Usher ★
Expression of disgust
Polish leader Walesa
___ Ness monster
Seal a door with a key
Be in need of
Of frilly fancy material
★ 1980 Hit by Kenny Rogers ★
Mates of lasses
'The ___ in the Hall'
★ 1986 Hit by Prince ★
Insult or treat with comtempt
Spacer between vertebrae
World domination board game
★ 1979 Hit by Herb Alpert ★
American Beauty, e.g.
Fail to win
Emit coherent light
Tahoe or Lucerne, e.g.
Not real
★ 1975 Hit by David Bowie ★
Smoke or vapor
Clue4-Letter Word
Scottish philosopher David
It comes after third
A fleshy fruit, like an apple
Skin opening
Golfer's warning
★ 1975 Hit by Ohio Players ★
A company of lawyers
Document to fill out
A permanent army post
12 inches
Fireplace residue
Hole in a one-armed bandit
Wood strip for mattress support
To kill a dragon
★ 1964 Hit by Maurice Williams ★
★ 1994 Hit by Lisa Loeb ★
Proxima Centauri or Spica, e.g.
Scorch with intense heat
Use one's ears
A pile
★ 1965 Hit by the Beatles ★
A group of cattle
Fiddling Roman emperor
★ 1993 Hit by Mariah Carey ★
Wife of Zeus
Blood fluids
★ 1986 Hit by Starship ★
___ avis (an uncommon thing)
Barely cooked, as meat
Broccoli ___
A yokel
★ 2014 Hit by Magic! ★
Was on a galloping horse
Clue4-Letter Word
A sexually driven man
Demoralize or defeat disastrously
A tree anchorer
One of many in a hotel
★ 2013 Hit by Katy Perry ★
The behind
Baloo or Smokey, e.g.
Bang a drum
An indictor of karate skill level
Animated cartoon about a dog
The pod of a cotton plant
Cord with weights thrown as a weapon
Fett from 'Star Wars'
Ali ___
★ 1979 Hit by Styx ★
A curse or source of harm
Nota ___ (literally mark well)
★ 2000 Hit by Matchbox 20 ★
Tap a baseball without swinging
Actor Lancaster or Reynolds
★ 2004 Hit by Usher ★
Farm building
Mend a sock
Singers with Tony Orlando
★ 2009 Hit by Jay Sean ★
Hamlet or village relative
A small mountain pool
A large plastic protective cover
Pack down with repeated blows
Where the genie lives
Result of hitting your head
★ 1984 Hit by Van Halen ★
★ 1992 Hit by Kris Kross ★

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