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Can you name the words or phrases that start with a letter, followed by 'UP,' from clues?

Updated Feb 4, 2012

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Clue'_UP...' Word
A young childcare giver; nanny (2 wds.)
A closet to keep dishes or food
City in CA with Apple Inc.'s headquarters
Valentine arrow shooter
A small structure built on a roof
A two-family home
Chemical corporation based in Delaware
River often paired with the Tigris
A small bony fish
CNN's Medical Correspondent Sanjay
Jewish bridal canopy
The largest planet
House's favorite autoimmune disease
Kermit, Animal, or Elmo, e.g.
Relating to marriage
Clue'_UP...' Word
An insect developmental stage
The opening in the eye for light
Short-lived affection felt by kids (2 wds.)
Money in India
NewsCorp's CEO Murdoch
A hernia or tearing apart of tissue
Defunct Seattle NBA team
Lying on one's back
A term for the evening meal
Compliant or easy to bend
Diana Ross or Mary Wilson, e.g.
Elvis' Mississippi birthplace
A coin worth 1/50 of a pound
Sealable home products sold at parties
A well-paid, urban, educated adult under 40

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