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Can you name the words that have TT in them that are still words when you remove a T?

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Double T ClueAnswerSingle T Clue
Actress Davis of 'All About Eve'___ noire: literally, black beast
German, for 'you're welcome'Sink your teeth into
Gillian Jacobs on 'Community'Brand of water filters
Your rearCommon conjunction
Cookie-___: a shape for making cookiesMore adorable than
Singer James of 'At Last'Greek vowel
World economic treaty of 1994Slang for a gangster's gun
One who was Mad in 'Alice in Wonderland'One who despises
Jabba's race in 'Star Wars'A crude domicile
Don who played Barney FifeShoelace tangles
An espresso with steamed milkNot on time
A person from RigaTo allow
Garbage on the street1000 ccs
Actor Dillon or LeBlancCarpet in front of a door
A non-glossy surfaceA husband or wife, e.g.
Anything with physical substanceAlma ____: College you attended
A catcher's gloveUniversity in Cambridge, Mass.
Women's rights activist LucretiaFrench, for word
Bus driver on 'The Simpsons'Prefix for ear
Rapid-fire words in theatricsFather, in Latin
One who strokes animalsSaint who guards the heavenly gate
Actor BradA deep hole
Actress Annie of 'Designing Women'Cooking containers
A short shot in golfTo place in a specified place
Actor Wolf of 'Party of Five'A person from Glasgow
Ragged clothingA spud
49ers and Giants quarter back Y.A.A document of car ownership
To speakGerman exchange student on 'The Simpsons'
Skater KaterinaHumor or intellect
Prefix for ten to the 21st powerGreek consonant

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