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QUIZ: Can you name the words and phrases that have three sets of double letters?

Quiz Updated Nov 9, 2016

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ClueTriple DoubleDouble Letters
This actor became famous as Stifler in the 'American Pie' films (3 wds.)N-L-T
Pounding tool whose head has one side that's hemispherical (2 wds., hyph.)L-E-M

This city is the capital of the state of Florida
This North American bird's loud call gives it its name (hyph.)P-O-L
This is the 'Volunteer State' and is home to the NFL's TitansN-S-E
This is the group of people just below the wealthiest in a society (3 wds.)P-D-S
A ranch-like salad dressing that gets its name and color from herbs (2 wds.)E-D-S
This dog breed was used for Eddie on the TV show 'Frasier' (3 wds.)S-L-R
A person who loves candy and sugar is said to have one of these (2 wds.)E-T-O
A person who records the accounts or transactions of a businessO-K-E
River from Georgia to Florida immortalized by Alan Jackson in songT-O-E
Gizmo used to grind the beans for your morning cup of java (2 wds.)F-E-L
ClueTriple DoubleDouble Letters
This US State has its capital at Jackson and shares it name with a riverS-S-P
This extinct elephant has been discovered frozen in ice (2 wds.)O-L-M
A person who fights and screams slurs at a soccer game (2 wds.)O-L-O
A group of legislators, led by a chair, tasked with creating legislationM-T-E
This avian ovoid is a term used for the zero in a sports score (2 wds.)O-E-G
Shakespearean comedy featuring Bertram and Helena (5 wds.)L-L-L
Montana's state flower whose name hides its underground tastinessT-R-O
This begins 'Four score and seven years ago, our fathers...' (2 wds.)T-D-S
A state of being bleak, dismal and completely without joyE-S-S
In a manner that leads to favorable outcomes, money or eminenceC-S-L
Comedy team famous for movies and 'Who's on first?' (3 wds.)B-T-L
This term for a mirror is what Alice went through in the sequel (2 wds.)O-G-S

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