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What country owns Greenland?Geography
What Disney character has a girlfriend named Daisy?Entertainment
What species of small antelope from southern Africa sounds like a word said twice?Science
Who shared the Nobel Peace Prize with Mandela for ending apartheid?History
What is the name of the term for believing two opposite things simultaneously in 'Nineteen Eighty-Four'?Literature
What is the term for letting a ball fall to the ground and then propelling it with your foot?Sports
What term for a tower over an oil well is a homophone of a man's name?Language
What construction vehicle did Ted Stevens say the internet was not like, when saying it is a 'series of tubes'?Just for Fun
What verb means to remove a priest from the powers of their office and literally means to make bare?Religion
What 2017 Christopher Nolan WWII movie about a famed evacuation features Harry Styles?Movies
What show launched the careers of Katie Holmes, Joshua Jackson, Michelle Williams, and James Van Der Beek?Television
What Czech composer Antonín wrote his symphony 'From the New World?'Music
What do you call a set of 52 playing cards?Gaming
What is the royal title of Sarah Ferguson, the former wife of Prince Andrew?Miscellaneous
What term for a turkey leg is often ritually given out by families at Thanksgiving?Holiday

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