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What region, currently under Chinese rule, has its capital at Lhasa?Geography
What is the common name for a maximum 280 character message posted to social media?Entertainment
What is the square root of 1444?Science
Who was the only US President also to be the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?History
What Shakespearean play features Prospero and his daughter Miranda?Literature
What two-time MLB MVP for the Angels shares his last name with a type of fish?Sports
What Latin phrase translates to 'time flies' in English?Language
What type of geometric line sounds like a man who has been sunning himself all day?Just for Fun
What weapon is often found in the hand in images of Poseidon?Religion
What movie series featured Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in the lead romantic roles?Movies
What 13-letter portmanteau word describes the career of Joel Osteen, Jerry Falwell or Jim Bakker?Television
What dance was popularized by Chubby Checker in 1961?Music
What type of card deck has a major and minor arcana and is used for fortune telling?Gaming
What was the name of a medieval weapon/machine used to hurl rocks a long distance?Miscellaneous
What three word phrase is often said by children as they ask for candy?Holiday

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