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What 18th largest U.S. city do you find yourself in if you go north from Windsor, Ontario?Geography
What card-throwing X-Men member was born Remy LeBeau?Entertainment
In what temperature scale does water freeze at 32° and water boil at 212°?Science
What country did Iraq invade to foment the Gulf War in the 1990s?History
What is the English title of the Jean Paul Sartre play 'Huis Clos'?Literature
What term is used in baseball for the action of a player taking another player's at bat to try to get on base?Sports
What Indo-European language is the classical language of India and Hinduism?Language
What word is a homophone of the antonym for bent and is an anagram of 'artist'?Just for Fun
What Catholic religious order, founded by Ignatius of Loyola, saw Francis as its first Pope?Religion
What 2003 movie, based on a Laura Hillenbrand book, starred Tobey Maguire as a jockey?Movies
What Muppet serves as the host of the productions in the theater on 'The Muppet Show'?Television
What Nirvana song features the line 'A mulatto, an albino, a mosquito, my libido'?Music
What board game, created in Canada, asks general knowledge questions to get 6 wedges in a variety of categories?Gaming
What very popular online bulletin board site has a logo that is an alien with red eyes and an antenna?Miscellaneous
What animal, also associated with a Spring holiday, can be found in the Chinese Zodiac between Tiger and Dragon?Holiday

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