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What type of geographic feature has names such as Magellan, Hormuz or Juan de Fuca?Geography
What biopic movie about the rap group NWA shares its name with its first studio album?Entertainment
What is an inherited characteristic (e.g., blue eyes), like one carried by a gene and seen in an organism's phenotype?Science
What four-letter word is now added to the end of many names of political scandals after a famous DC area Hotel?History
In the novel 'Nineteen Eighty-Four', every day there was a 2-minute long propaganda period called what?Literature
What olympic equipment has a blade with a radius of curvature of 180-220 cm and a toe pick?Sports
What English word is the equivalent of estado in Spanish and ├ętat in French?Language
What word meaning 'cargo' is an anagram of the word 'FIGHTER'?Just for Fun
In Greek mythology, what is either Clotho, Lachesis, or Atropos called?Religion
What Australian actress won Oscars for her roles in 'The Aviator' and 'Blue Jasmine'?Movies
What TV show featured a large family with Dick Van Patten playing a recently widowed father?Television
What red-headed bluesy songstress with a famed white stripe of hair sang 'Something to Talk About'?Music
What Milton Bradley board game involved opening doors to find boys to go to a dance or the beach with while avoiding 'duds'?Gaming
What online political and news magazine shares its name with a stony roofing material?Miscellaneous
In the Peanuts comics, who does Linus say comes to visit on Halloween?Holiday
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