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What is the Spanish word for the number 2?dos
What is the name of Peter Parker's (AKA Spiderman) Aunt who shares her name with a month?May
What word comes before Teacher, Boys, Words, Santa and Company in titles of movies?Bad
Which number, when spelled backwards, is a standard piece of volleyball equipment?ten
What kind of creature serves as a toymaker for Santa Claus?elf
What is the third-largest city in Morocco, which shares its name with a red felt tasseled hat?Fez
What is the term used for a tennis ball that is served inbounds and untouched by the receiver?ace
What chemical element has the symbol Sn?tin
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Which Pokémon, which is a sound a cat makes, is the the 151st and final one of Generation 1?Mew
What lunar New Year celebration in Vietnam lends its name to a 1968 war offensive?Tết
What 1980s TV show featured a cat-eating extra-terrestrial named Gordon Shumway?ALF
What kind of bird 'determined' that it takes 3 licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?owl
What now defunct Georgia-based band had Michael Stipe as its lead singer?R.E.M.
What is the name of either of the other sisters of Jo and Beth in 'Little Women'?Amy or Meg
What Greek god, that is half goat, watches over shepherds and wild animals?Pan

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