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Saber, in Spanish or connaรฎtre, in French
Not dead
Dwell gloomily on a subject; mope
J.J. Abrams TV series with Matthew Fox
A very valuable fur animal
Get smaller, like the moon
Actress Cotillard of 'Inception'
Language spoken in Athens
Hero of the Zelda games
Player brought in on 4th down
Flanders who lives next to Homer
The Beatles' 'Hey ___'
The smallest one in the litter
A connection between two atoms
The capital of Togo
Vegetable found in a pod
What you shoot with a hockey stick
Output from a sad eye
Most achy
Make a sound, like a Christmas bell
David Schwimmer on 'Friends'
Actress Sherilyn of 'Twin Peaks'
A complaint or distressed cry
SONAR sound

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