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Can you name the words that become a new word when you remove their final letter A?

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All answers are at least 4-letters long with the A. Either answer may be entered. Some words may be etymologically related but clued in different ways.
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Word-A ClueAnswerNo A Clue
Canadian provinceScientist Einstein
Type of coffee beanLanguage of Egypt
Second Greek letterTrifecta or exacta, e.g.
Asian countryGoatee location
Hot winter beverageDesigner Chanel
Havana's homeBaby bear
Serious theaterPart of an ounce
Director KazanInventor Whitney
Southern US StateHaving a reddish complexion
An ore of leadAncient Greek physician
Prefix for a billionA band's booking
Spanish painter FranciscoGentile
Zeus' wifeThat girl
Flowering yard plantThrower of a party
Roo's motherKodos' partner
Magical energy'Chico and the ___'
Word-A ClueAnswerNo A Clue
Nissan modelMen's magazine
Califorina wine valleyA short sleep
Marilyn's real first nameAn average thing
King of MerciaNot on
A winter coatA green space
Pocket breadA big hole
Yankees reliever MarianoNile or Yalu, e.g.
A domed roomPortly
Former Mets homeFemale pronoun
Hindu god of destructionA crudely-made knife
A type of grapeJasmine's father's title
Egg-based paintPassion for anger
Oceanian nationGrab with a hinged tool
Toro, in sushiA cask for wine
Horse's stop commandQuestioning word

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