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Can you name the words that become a new word when you remove their final letter A?

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All answers are at least 4-letters long with the A. Either answer may be entered. Some words may be etymologically related but clued in different ways.
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Word-A ClueAnswerNo A Clue
Verdi's Egyptian operaTo help
Merkel of GermanyCherub or seraph, e.g.
A NY prisonAn upper storage floor
A type of lilyUse the phone
Final musical sectionAtlantic fish
An area in the UkraineFelony or misdemeanor, e.g.
Duchamp's movementYour pop
A held musical noteHe had a 'Last Theorem'
Lady of 'Paparazzi'A practical joke
A large partyA lady, for short
An insect tongueShiny lip covering
Capital of MontanaActress Hunt
OT bookGarden waterer
Mediterranean nationBeer ingredient
Prefix for a millionDaughter on 'Family Guy'
Word-A ClueAnswerNo A Clue
Ephron or Dunn, e.g.Negative conjunction
Killer whaleDwarf killer
Spaghetti or ziti, e.g.Ago
Insect life stageA baby seal
A genus of orchidsGOP nominee Mitt
A long epic storyDroop
Coke or Pepsi, e.g.Preprepared lawn
'The March King'Old French coins
Florida cityPat down
Japanese poemArmored vehicle
Scarlett's plantationBlack goo for roads
Singer TurnerComponent of bronze
A Roman attireTo put on attire
Roman version of HestiaPart of a suit
Lech of PolandPart of the UK

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