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QUIZ: Can you name the things in each of these Sporcle categories?

Quiz Updated Oct 13, 2016

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15 in Language
French Numbers 1 - 15
14 in Science
The Lanthanide Elements
13 in History
Original 13 US Colonies
12 in Sports
Pacific 12 Schools
11 in Movies
2001 Ocean's Eleven Cast or Characters
10 in Entertainment
3-Letter Body Parts
9 in Television
Brady Bunch Characters
8 in Holiday
Santa's Reindeer
7 in Just for Fun
Colors of the Rainbow
6 in Gaming
Chess Pieces
5 in Geography
The Great Lakes
4 in Miscellaneous
Playing Card Suits
3 in Religion
The Holy Trinity
2 in Literature
Shakespeare's Star-Crossed Lovers
1 in Music
Things Meat Loaf Won't Do For Love

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