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Can you name the steps in the word ladder that contains all 4-letter words from Academy Award Best Pictures through 2012?

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Clue4-Letter Word
● 'Bridge on the River ___' ●
Ice skater Michelle
Natalie Portman's 'Black ___'
'Milk' nominee Penn
Having been viewed
Cook Paula of buttery fame
● The ___ Hunter ●
A tinter of cloth
To hear, in Anglo-French
● One [3] ___ the Cuckoo's [9] ●1
Cinderella redux '___ After'
All tied, as a score
Steve Carell's '___ Almighty'
'Up in the Air' Producer Reitman
Home to Tehran
Edible grain for cereal
Sean who played Boromir
Part of a necklace
It starts at the neck
● In the ___ of the Night ●
Chair or stool, e.g.
Mailed a letter
'Milk' director Gus Van ___
Trilled a tune
Put art on the wall
Former Sec'y of State Alexander
Musical with Hippies
● My ___ [17] ●2
To not succeed
Part of a train track
● ___ Man ●
A strap on a horse
Actress Tara of 'American Pie'
Kate Winslet's 'Revolutionary ___'
A cross
Ground anchor for a tree
Santa's soiler
Peter Sellers' 'A ___ in the Dark'
● The Greatest ___ on Earth ●
Not fast
A whole ton
• One ___ [1] the Cuckoo's [9] ●3
Move like a river
Hit with a cat-o-nine tails
Hopping amphibian
● __ [15] to Eternity ●4
Senior year dance
Item on the stage
Type of ship deck
Partner of circumstance
Apple or pear, e.g.
Prod with a finger
Take a hit on a bong
Clue4-Letter Word
● You [12] ___ It [11] You ●5
An adhesive strip
Open with a wide mouth
Kaplan of 'Welcome back Kotter'
Actress Hoffman of 'Uncle Buck'
● Million Dollar ___ ●
Ali ___ and the 40 Thieves
Silent film actress Theda
Shakespeare: The ___ of Avon
Kite or pelican, e.g.
Tie up with string
Ilk or type
●The [8] of the Rings:The Return of the __●6
A Chinese dynasty of vase fame
● A Beautiful ___ ●
● [15] [11] the ___ ●7
Harry Potter's weapon
Actress Sela of 'The Fugitive'
Animal fat
●The __ of the Rings:The Return of the [6]●8
Tradition knowledge or beliefs
● Shakespeare in ___ ●
Henry James' 'The Wings of the ___'
Kevin Kline's 'presidential' movie
County where Miami, FL is
A woodworking groove
The Banana Boat song
● Around the World in 80 ___ ●
Willie who hit 660 home runs
Density times volume
Sail supporter
Fine airborne water droplets
● Driving ___ Daisy ●
Green rock or bark covering
The majority of
● The ___ Weekend ●
● The ___ Emperor ●
Santa Claus cartoonist Thomas
● One [3] [1] the Cuckoo's ___ ●9
● The ___ Years of Our Lives ●
Pants supporter
A raised bump on the skin
● ___ [18] Story ●10
For fear that
• Schindler's ___ ●
Speak with a problem
A thin tendril of smoke
What a genie can grant
● [14] ___ the [7] ●
● You [12] [5] It ___ You ●
Pran of 'The Killing Fields'
A plate
A short fast race
Hard money
The actors in a film
Clue4-Letter Word
● You ___ [5] It [11] You ●12
To breath rapidly with labor
● The Godfather ___ 2 ●
A stag
● The ___ Locker ●
Short and to the point
Remedy to a disease
Apple remnant
Lancaster's '___ Back Little Sheba'
Witherspoon's 'Sweet ___ Alabama'
Scottish philosopher David
A camel has at least one
● Forrest ___ ●
Take a deep swallow
Sea bird
The body of a ship
● Annie ___ ●
Halle Berry film 'Monster's ___'
Pod of a cotton plant
A soup receptacle
Slack flesh around the cheeks
Actor Grey of 'Cabaret'
Matt Leblanc on 'Friends'
Nickelodeon's '___ 101'
Larval crustaceans
● The [16] of Emile ___ ●13
A brown-colored soda
Old King of nursery rhymes
Ice cream container
● ___ [11] the [7] ●14
Kelly of 'Singin' in the Rain'
Actor Richard of 'Chicago'
● [4] ___ to Eternity ●15
Employ someone in a new job
● Chariots of ___ ●
A keyless flute
● The ___ of Emile [13] ●16
Clint Eastwood's 'In the ___ of Fire'
A portion of a highway
Put goods onto a boat
● My [2] ___ ●17
Like a frilly undergarment
Be in need of
A burlap bag
Went down, like a boat
Of sound mind
A trigonometric function
● [10] ___ Story ●18
Merry-go-round, e.g.
A religious ceremony
Actress Hayworth
Latvian capital
Prefix for a billion times
● ___ ●

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