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QUIZ: Can you name these things that end in the letters 'BER'?

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Clue*BER Word
One who gives you a shave or cuts your hair
Justin bad-boy né teeny-bopper Canadian rocker
Rockwell B-1 Lancer or Boeing B-29 Superfortress, e.g.
The size of ammunition
What Thing likes to do (from the Fantastic 4)
Relating to the internet or on-line
Chop a body into pieces
Burden or weigh down
A filiment or dietary need
Baby food company with a baby's face as a logo
German chemist Fritz who pioneered ammonia production
A famed pass between Afghanistan and Pakistan
Clue*BER Word
Flexible and nimble
Radio code word between Mike and Oscar
Ken who hosted 'Remote Control' on MTV
One who welds your piping
A crook
A fencing weapon
Free from alcohol
Author James who created Walter Mitty
Woody song by Kesha and Pitbull
A main competitor to Lyft
Pioneering Sociologist Max

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