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Can you name these things that end in the letters 'BER'?

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Clue*BER Word
A fossilized tree resin
An ethnic North African or one of their woven carpets
To cry or a Judy Blume novel
A large log tossed at the highland games
A section of the heart
A veggie that's perfect for pickling
Pam who played 'Mindy' to Robin William's Mork
A glowing coal in a fire
Author Edna of 'So Big'
Actor Victor of 'Alias'
Another term for a peanut
Talk rapidly and unintelligently
Clue*BER Word
One who hates to go out to sea
Wilkins of 'David Copperfield' who went to debtor's prison
Ether or three, e.g.
U2 album featuring 'Gloria' and 'Fire'
Retrieve data from your brain
A Brit's term for an eraser
Actor Liev of 'Scream' and 'Ray Donovan'
Restful time in a bed
River in Rome
Yam or potato, e.g.
A color pigment derived from certain earths

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