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QUIZ: Can you name from clues the 5-letter words that end in Y and start A to Z?

Quiz Updated Oct 24, 2015

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5-Letter WordClue
AA large convent with a central leader
BAn Easter egg deliverer
CNot sane
DArtificial thing used for luring, like a fake bird
EWith nothing inside
FXL, to Caesar
GA sauce made from thickened meat juices
HOne of the Seven Dwarfs
IMaterial used to make old pianos
JPartner to peanut butter
KPopular Nintendo character since 1992
LCagney's TV partner
MMatriarch of the Weasley family
5-Letter WordClue
NRelative of an au pair
OA plant or animal reproductive organ
PFlower from which opium is derived
QTo ask
RA sport with hookers and scrums
SCram for an exam
TLate for arrival
UThe lending of money with interest
VWoody Allen's Cristina Barcelona
WExhausted or lacking vigor
YDistasteful or repugnant
ZSpeedy or a cartoon Pinhead

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