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Can you name the states that fit each of the following categories?

Quiz Updated Jun 12, 2017

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Name a US state that ...Example State
Has four different vowels
Begins and ends with the same letter
Is one of the original 13 colonies
Is 5 letters long
Has hosted the Olympics
Begins with the same letter as its capital
Borders a state beginning with the same letter
Contains a compass direction
Alternates vowels and consonants
Became a state after 1900
Is one word and longer than 10 letters
Borders the state of Missouri
Begins with the letter 'K'
Is one of the 'Four Corners' states
Has a double letter
Name a US state that ...Example State
Borders the Gulf of Mexico
Has only one Big Four sports team
Is the birthplace to 4 or more presidents
Has a capital that begins with 'B'
Is named after a king or queen
Is at least part in the Pacific time zone
Borders any of the Great Lakes
Is 4 letters long
Contains the letter 'X'
Has borders with exactly 2 states
Is actually a Commonwealth
Has a red, white & blue flag
Is represented by one House member
Is exactly two syllables
Ends in the letter 'D'

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