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Can you name the fake Christmas Carols that are all ONE LETTER changed from a real carol from a description?

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Description of the New CarolFake Christmas Carol
This is a song about Karl Marx's partner Friedrich giving a speech on communism from the top of a mountain while also shouting 'Marxism in excelsis Deo.'
A song all about a very quiet lamp featuring the line 'All is calm, lamp is bright.'
This is an odd song about our savior lending out happy guys for money to help with holiday festivities featuring the line 'Remember, Christ our savior, lends guys for Christmas Day
This is a song about enjoying the running noses of children at the holidays featuring the line 'Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the tissues are so delightful'
This song talks about boating on Christmas with comedian Arsenio and his family featuring the line 'Don we now our bay apparel.'
Here, Stephen King's evil spider-clown stumbled into people making the house spotless at 12:00 with the line 'From housemaids bending near the earth, to touch their mops of gold.'
This is a song about a decision between listening to holiday ringing or comedienne Burnett featuring the line 'Ding, dong, ding, dong. Might watch her show.'
Description of the New CarolFake Christmas Carol
Singer Astley does this holiday tune to add the Roll to the Rock featuring the line 'What a bright time, it's the right time, to never give you up.'
This is a song about a laundry detergent used to clean Santa and his vehicle featuring the line 'Just wash those old pants jingle-ing'
This Elvis holiday classic has been re-envisioned in a very fuzzy, unclear way 'I'll be so blue just squinting about you'
This song tells the tale of a very caring and giving Duke of Bohemia who never actually became a king featuring the line 'When the Duke lay round about, sweet, and nice and polite.
This song is about what comedian and host Leno wants everyone on the planet to call him featuring the line 'The Lord is come. Let Earth tune in to him.'
This carol is a tale of a religious brawl that contains the line 'Black eyes are brightly shining.'
After shopping for sterling at Tiffany's, this song bemoans the invoices that came in the mail with the line 'It's shopping time in the city.'

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