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QUIZ: Can you name the words that begin with EL or LA but are clued as if they are fake Spanish?

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Spanglish ClueEL / LA WordReal Clue
Spanish for 'the metal found in bronze'Language of ancient Rome
Spanish for 'the liver fluid'Unstable or open to change
Spanish for 'the tool for violin playing'Arm joint
Spanish for 'the short form of mother'A Tibetan monk
Spanish for 'the greater amount'Leonard who wrote 'Get Shorty'
Spanish for 'the exam'Most recent
Spanish for 'the interjection of disgust'Titter or heh, e.g.
Spanish for 'the room to relax with the TV'Filled, like a ship's hold
Spanish for 'the number divisible by two'The cube root of 1331
Spanish for 'the non-descript object'Machining of a table leg
Spanish for 'the unit for 2,000 pounds'Singer John of 'Crocodile Rock'
Spanish for 'the needlefish'Composer of 'Pomp and Circumstance'
Spanish for 'the dumb hired enforcer'A body of water connected to a larger body
Spanish for 'the part of the human psyche'Placed down
Spanish for 'the prevarication'Singer Goulding
Spanish for 'the outdoor place for keeping tools'Bound up with rope
Spanish for 'the juniper-based liquor'Name of Greek marbles found in London
Spanish for 'the common conjunction'An Afican antelope
Spanish for 'the Salt Lake City university athlete'Remove liquid from a column
Spanish for 'the parabola or ellipse, e.g.'Concise or shortspoken
Spanish for 'the bee attack'Sticking around for a while
Spanish for 'the camping enclosure'Dormant with potential
Spanish for 'the shark's feature'Being very teeny in size
Spanish for 'the lower half of a two-way wager'Wash your clothing
Spanish for 'the sharp piquant flavor'Idling around

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