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Can you name the words that have exactly two letters changed from the word BOSTON?

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Former king crop in the US south_ O _ T O N
Singer Sheena_ _ S T O N
One from BrittanyB _ _ T O N
A Chinese dumpling_ O _ T O N
The lower portion ofB O _ T O _
Seussian character who heard a Who_ O _ T O N
Doctor played by Eriq La Salle on 'ER'B _ _ T O N
Levar of 'Reading Rainbow'B _ _ T O N
Detroit baller_ _ S T O N
Author Enid of 'The Famous Five'B _ _ T O N
Fink of a Coen Brothers filmB _ _ T O N
Kenny who played for the Indians_ O _ T O N
Actor Edward of 'American History X'_ O _ T O N
Gagarin's spaceship_ O S T O _
Part of a container clipped for proof of purchaseB O _ T O _
Antagonist in 'Beauty and the Beast'_ _ S T O N
Give, especially as a granted giftB _ S T O _
DC suburb in Virginia_ _ S T O N
A chocolate covered candyB O _ _ O N
Clothing fastenerB _ _ T O N

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