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This 1990's sitcom staring Steven Weber and Tim Daly took place at an airport on Nantucket
This is a procession of riders or carriages or a procession of vehicles or ships
This wife of Isaac was the mother of Jacob and Esau
This coastal city is the largest overall in Morocco
This is a 6-letter term for a small village
This is the first name of the main characters in 'Sneakers' and 'Back to the Future'
This first name is shared by model Hadid and champion doubles tennis player Fernand├ęz
This Welsh singer is know for songs like 'It's Not Unusual'
This actress Paula, who debuted in 'Hitch', used to be married to Robin Thicke
This 5-letter word can mean 'marked with obstacles or problems' or 'firmly held'
This surname is shared by both Indira and Rajiv who were prime ministers of India
This is a subdivision of a company-sized military unit normally consisting of two or more squads or sections
This 10-letter word means not given an excuse or pardon
This term, originally describing giant Greek figures, means colossal in size
This rose cultivar originally bred in France in in 1875 is deep pink in color
This is a term for a person engaged in a public fight, once as entertainment in ancient Rome
This is the largest city in the midwestern United States
This is the name of the most famous anthropomorphic bandicoot from the gaming world
This was Jason's mythological ship that searched for the Golden Fleece
This is a focused lamp for stage illumination or conspicuous public notice
This is lunar photons reflecting toward Earth or a Beethoven sonata

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