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Who defeated the Seahawks in their first Super Bowl?• Pittsburgh Steelers
• New England Patriots
• Miami Dolphins
• Indianapolis Colts
Which season was the first the Seahawks played in?• 1976
• 1977
• 1978
• 1979
Which Super Bowl was the first the Seahawks played in?• XL
Which NFL team came in same expansion as the Seahawks?• Cincinnati Bengals
• New Orleans Saints
• Tampa Bay Buccaneers
• Atlanta Falcons
In which division did the Seahawks play first?• NFC West
• AFC West
• AFC Central
• NFC Central
Which of these players never played for the Seahawks?• Jerry Rice
• Vinny Testaverde
• Warren Moon
• Curt Warner
Which retired Seahawks number is Walter Jones'?• 12
• 71
• 80
• 96
Who owns the Seattle Seahawks?• Bill Gates
• Thomas C. Hawke
• Paul Allen
• John Nordstrom
What is the name of the large blue bird mascot of the Seahawks?• Seymour
• Bo Wing
• Hawkeye
• Blitz
After retiring, Steve Largent represented what state in congress?• Oklahoma
• Washington
• Texas
• Idaho
Which of these is not a nickname for the Seahawks?• The Blue Wave
• The Legion of Boom
• Rave Green
• The 'Hawks
Which college did Russell Wilson play for for most of his college career?• Oregon State
• Wisconsin
• Illinois
• NC State
Which coach has coached the most Seahawks games?• Pete Carroll
• Chuck Knox
• Mike Holmgren
• Jack Patera
Which stadium is the current home of the Seahawks?• CenturyLink Field
• Husky Stadium
• The Kingdome
• Qwest Field
Which QB holds the Seahawks record for the most touchdown passes?• Matt Hasselbeck
• Russell Wilson
• Dave Krieg
• Jim Zorn
Which Seahawk is the only NFL MVP winner?• Steve Largent
• Steve Broussard
• Daryl Turner
• Shaun Alexander

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