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Can you name the Zodiac signs and the words that have the same consonants in order from clues?

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Zodiac Sign 
Butter substitute 
A Hawaiian feast 
Comedian C.K.'s TV show 
A plant for burn soothing 
A garlic mayonniase 
Zodiac Sign 
An outer margin or border 
Too old to enter 
A loud overbearing woman 
Brazilian airline 
The arithemetic mean 
Zodiac Sign 
Combined name of two continents 
Wake someone from sleep 
Capital of Dominica 
Colored part of the eye 
Mrs. Gorbachev 
Zodiac Sign 
Mother with a Nobel Peace Prize 
Where a fetus develops 
Get more donations than 
Zodiac Sign 
Street urchin 
FBI agent (hyphenated) 
Massive self-absorption 
Zodiac Sign 
Fragment or discarded bit 
A line of cliffs 
Drug store permission, for short 
Zodiac Sign 
Agree with 
Zodiac Sign 
British political party 
Zodiac Sign 
Interrogative expressions 

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