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Can you name the words from clues that contain the letters RUN in a row?

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PatternR-U-N WordClue
_ R U N _ _Not so early meal on Sunday
_ R U N _ _Southeast Asian sultanate
_ R U N _ _ _ _Woman with dark hair
_ R Ü N _ _ _ _ _Valkyrie in The Ring Cycle
_ R Ü N _Sacha Baron Cohen character
_ R U N _ _ _ _ _Canadian province, with New
_ R U N _The burden or full force of
_ _ R U N _ _Central African nation
_ _ R U N _ _ _A hard mineral, like ruby
_ R U N _ _The sound of bone breaking
_ R U N _Inebriated
_ _ R U N _Sporcling or typing, grammatically
_ R U N _ _Solomon of nursery rhyme
_ R U N _ _90s Seattle music genre
_ R U N _ _ _Silverside fish of california
_ R U N _A footsoldier
PatternR-U-N WordClue
_ _ R U N _Currency of the Czech Republic
_ R U N _A dried plum
R U N _An ancient alphabetic character
R U N _Step on a ladder
R U N _ _ _ _ _ _Where the Magna Carta was signed
R U N _The smallest of the litter
R U N _ _ _Newspaperman and author Damon
_ _ R U N _ _ _Rubbery fabric ring for hair tying
_ _ R U N _Got smaller in the dryer
_ _ R U N _Opened up, as a leak
_ _ R U N _Ready to play, like a guitar or harp
_ R U N _ _ _ _To shorten, usually to even off
_ R U N _ _ _ _ _A police officer's billy club
_ R U N _ _ _A bed stored under another bed
_ R U N _An elephant's appendage
_ R U N _Twisted to remove water from

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