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Can you name the words that contain the letters RUG in order from clues and patterns?

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Clue*RUG* WordPattern
Sport with a scrumR U G _ _
South American country_ R U G _ _ _
Gold coin made by South Africa_ R U G _ _ _ _ _ _
Paul the Nobel Laureate who writes for the NY Times_ R U G _ _ _
Economically sparse in terms of spending_ R U G _ _
Proceed with difficulty (or a Magikarp move)_ _ R U G _ _ _
Raise your shoulders with a meh attitude_ _ R U G
Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica, Phil and Lil, e.g.R U G _ _ _ _
Peppery green the Brits call rockets_ R U G _ _ _
Weathered, like a human faceR U G _ _ _
One who works at a pharmacy_ R U G _ _ _ _
Count from 'The Princess Bride'R U G _ _
Belgian city where a Colin Farrell movie takes place_ R U G _ _
Wavy internally, like cardboard_ _ _ R U G _ _ _ _

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