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Can you name each of these answer to trivia questions that has a difficult hidden theme linking the answer? [Note: The earlier answers are more helpful to the themes.]

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What was the name of the magician who worked in the Court of King Arthur?
What percussion musical instruments are made from a pair of gourds that make a rattling sound when dried?
What term for a disease has been historically modified by black or bubonic and also refers to any one of the 10 calamities that befell Egypt in the book of Exodus?
What slip-on garment of ancient Greece has evolved into a hip-length or longer shirt that must cover the derriere in the dress code?
What Yankee named Roger hit 61 home runs in 1961 breaking Babe Ruth’s record?
What is the currency of Turkey or the former currency of Italy before the Euro was introduced?
What flower comes in varieties such as American Beauty and Hybrid Tea?
What color comes from the name of an Italian city (though it is spelled differently) and when in its burnt variety is the name of a reddish Crayola crayon?
What is the name of the luxury brand of Honda cars that has been marketed since the 1980s with models such as the NSX?
What is the name of Nickelodeon’s female cartoon explorer
What metric prefix is used to multiply a base unit by one billion?
Who is Ernie’s Muppet roommate on Sesame Street?
What herb can be found in tzatziki and Havarti cheese?
What is the theme that unites all these answers together?

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