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Can you name each of these answers to trivia questions that has a theme related to St. Paul's School when combined with the other two themes?

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What Pixar film has characters named Edna Mode and Syndrome?
What Arnold Schwarzenegger movie shares its name with an NHL player from Tennessee?
What Netflix show has already aired two seasons featuring a Marvel superhero named Matt Murdock?
What number is represented by C in Roman numerals?
What is the name of the 98-foot tall soapstone sculpture that overlooks Rio de Janeiro?
What was the name of the slave, who in 1857 appealed to the Supreme Court to be freed, only to have the court rule that African-Americans didn’t have the rights of citizens?
Discover, Diners Club and American Express are all examples of what fiscal thing?
What type of pasta preparation or sauce is essentially a mixture of butter and Parmesan cheese?
Who was the 6th rector of St. Paul’s School who also has an eponymous residence for students on campus? [Which also is the surname of an American Girl doll named Kit?]
What specific designation of horse is the only one allowed to run in Triple Crown races such as the Kentucky Derby?
What French cathedral is famed for its gargoyles and its literary resident, Quasimodo?
Which of Donald Trump’s sons-in-law currently has a position inside the White House?
What French term is used to describe the head waiter or host in a formal restaurant?
What is the theme that unites all these answers together? Be specific.

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