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Can you name each of these answers to trivia questions that has a theme related to St. Paul's School when combined with the other two themes?

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What Washington state team’s Bulldogs lost in the final game of March Madness to Carolina in 2017?
What position did Dominik Hašek, Patrick Roy, and Martin Brodeur all play?
What form of beard on the chin is named for the animal it resembles?
What chocolatier is named after a legendary English noblewoman?
What organelle is responsible for collecting and dispatching proteins created by the endoplasmic reticulum?
What is the name of the veined Italian blue cheese?
What is the term for a 1 followed by 100 zeroes?
What Mongolian desert is known for its rich trove dinosaur egg fossils?
What tire company is named for the chemist who figured out how to vulcanize rubber?
What is the name of the mythic clay protector from Jewish folklore (that also happens to evolve from Graveler)?
What chemical element has the atomic symbol Au?
What is the name of the character that Vladimir and Estragon wait for during an entire Beckett play to no avail?
What was the name of the Philistine warrior taken down by a future Biblical king armed with a slingshot?
What is the theme that unites all these answers together? Be specific.

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