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Can you name each of these answers to trivia questions that have a theme uniting all the answers together?

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What is the chemical name for table sugar?
What artifact was discovered by Napoleon’s forces and was used to decipher Egyptian Hieroglyphics?
At a trial, what is the opposite of the defense?
What play by Tom Stoppard follows two characters from Hamlet?
What is the name of the sweet, dark paste made of fruit (most often apples) and nuts that's served at a Passover seder?
What word meaning sullen or gloomy can be formed by taking the surname of an SPS math teacher and inserting an “O” into it?
What term is used to describe the attraction that a person has for someone of the opposite gender as themselves?
What is one sixty-millionth of a minute?
What is the first name of the sister of Katniss Everdeen?
What flammable oil that is distilled from petroleum and is used as a lamp fuel or sometimes a solvent?
What was the surname of Ethel and Julius who were executed as spies by the US government in the 1950s?
What is the Roman equivalent of the Greek goddess Persephone?
What sitcom was recently rebooted, cancelled, and then renamed “The Conners”?
What is the theme that unites all these answers together? Be specific.

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