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Can you name each of these answer to trivia questions that are exactly one word and happen to be the first name of a first-year student at SPS?

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What is the largest city in North Carolina?
What is the name of the award given out annual for excellence on Broadway?
What garden were Adam and Eve expelled from?
What do you call a baby bear?
What is the capital of the state of Texas?
What country has its capital at Tbilisi?
What artist charted with “Hotline Bling”?
What jump in figure skating is a 1 and a half turn which requires landing on the opposite foot from taking off?
What Jane Austen novel was the basis for the movie Clueless?
What other plumber is Luigi’s brother?
What river nymph was turned into a tree by her father as Apollo was just about to catch her?
What is the surname of the US President currently on the twenty-dollar bill?
What book is found between Mark and John in the New Testament?
What children’s book by Ludwig Bemelmans is about a Parisian girl?
What 4-letter term generically describes someone from Helsinki or Espoo?
What name of many French kings was shared by the Sun King and the Stammerer?
What document is left behind by a deceased person to assist heirs in settling an estate?
What usually greenish gemstone is also called nephrite?
What maid is the love interest of Robin Hood?
What do you call a residence for a collection of nuns?

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