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Can you name each of these answer to trivia questions that are exactly one word and happen to be the first name of a senior at SPS?

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What country has its capital in Tbilisi?
What zodiac sign comes right before Virgo?
What is the capital of the state of Wisconsin?
What folk singer, who died young in a car accident, is best remembered for his anthem about fatherhood “Cats in the Cradle”?
What is the name of the eldest Von Trapp child in the movie The Sound of Music?
What is the name of the hurricane that hit New Orleans in August of 2005?
What rap artist had a top 10 hit with “Paper Planes?”
What river is the western border of Manhattan?
What type of political divisions are Australia, Mexico, Brazil and Nigeria divided into?
What is the name of Jaq’s mouse friend in Cinderella?
What animated TV show had a title character with the surname Funnie?
What ancient Mesoamerican civilization had cities called Tikal and Chichen Itza?
In Greek mythology, who was the Muse of History?
In Harry Potter, what is the real first name of the Grey Lady?
What type of flower that grows from a bulb is associated with Easter?
Who is Jake’s partner and best friend on Adventure Time?
What was the title of a 1979 Roman Polanski film based on a popular Thomas Hardy novel?
What type of cheese is also a college in Maine?
What was the name of the Grinch who Stole Christmas’ dog?
What animal is the mascot for both Exxon and Frosted Flakes?

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