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Can you name the words that have had two letters changed in them from prince?

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Prone to strutting spiritedlyP R _ N C _
To shrink back in fear_ R I N _ E
To swoop upon as with talonsP _ _ N C E
To poke holes intoP R I _ C _
A sleep-like state_ R _ N C E
Hester of 'The Scarlet Letter'P R _ N _ E
A hard yellow fruit_ _ I N C E
To reveal or show_ _ I N C E
Grosse ___, MichiganP _ I N _ E
Jus ___ noctis: the right of another man to bed a new brideP R I _ _ E
Home to Lyon, Marseilles, and Nice_ R _ N C E
Small college in PhiladelphiaP _ I _ C E
Dr. Seuss character who almost stole Christmas_ R I N C _
An ornamental border of twisted threads_ R I N _ E
Uses a dot matrix machineP R I N _ _

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