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Clue4-Letter Word
Smith who coached Carolina from 1961 to 1997
Cry out in pain
Early part of the day
Thomas who wrote 'Utopia'
Cindy Crawford's birth mark
Flanders of literature
A grinder of peppercorns
Carolina's home is in Chapel ___
Clue4-Letter Word
Where the devil can be found
Carolina player is called a Tar ___
Socks go on them
Amanda of 'The Whole Nine Yards'
One who writes a sonnet
Make a sad face
Fill up a container with liquid
Smith led Carolina to the NCAA Final ___ 11 times
Clue4-Letter Word
Like a baseball that is not fair
A bird
Try to get a strike or a spare
Heavyweight champion boxer Riddick
Coccyx or mandible, e.g.
Corn bread
An evergreen
A monetary penalty
Nickname of the 1993 team they beat for the championship: The Fab ___

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