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Can you name the 4-letter words in this ladder themed on some Bill Paxton films?

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Clue4-Letter Word
• 1994 Paxton film with [Last Rung] •1
Monster in Zork2
Type of adhesive3
Rundown urban area5
Slimy garden pest6
Metallurgy waste7
A thing strip of wood8
ERA or RBI, e.g.9
• 1996 film 'The Evening ___' •10
Burn the surface of11
A common fruit12
Austin ___ State University13
Macbeth, e.g.14
• 1998 Film 'A Simple ___' •15
A custard dessert16
Partner of sharp17
An act of derring-do18
Clue4-Letter Word
• 1987 film with [Rung 28] •20
Letter opening word21
Pass out cards22
Maker of computers23
Remove, via an editor24
Chip's partner25
Hamlet, for one26
Lacking light and moist27
• 1987 film with [Rung 20] •28
A type of dagger29
Old data storage format30
Hurt the reputation of31
A peck on the cheek32
• 2002/3 films Spy ___ 2 and 3 •33
Headware, slangily34
• 1994 Paxton film with [First Rung] •35

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