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Can you name the 4-letter words in this ladder honoring the actor Sharif and his films?

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Hint4-Letter Word
Actor Sharif of the movies
Middle Eastern country
A sign of the future
A device for baking
Reindeer from 'Frozen'
Beheld with your eyes
1974: 'The Tamarind ___'
Unwanted garden plant
Fuse metal pieces together
A hilly area
1969: 'Mackenna's ___'
Opposite of bad
A cross
A chess piece
2013: '___ the Casbah'
A eruptive result of a skin disease
1976: 'The ___ Panther Strikes Again'
Hint4-Letter Word
Half a childless couple
A long dagger
A geek or nerd
Alien played by Robin Williams
1967: '[Part 1] ___ A Miracle'
A small bit of dust
Life partner
Gallery in London
A fictional story
Of great stature
1964: 'The ___ of the Roman Empire'
Pour up to the rim
An itemized list of what you owe
To carouse, in Scotland
1968: 'Funny ___'
Breathing organ in fish
Seashore bird
Yank toward yourself
Hint4-Letter Word
Whine or whimper
1964: 'Behold a ___ Horse'
Like one who is XY
Place cargo on a ship
1975: 'Funny ___'
Frilly, like fancy cloth
Actor William H. of 'Fargo'
Darin's '___ the Knife'
Halloween face covering
Sail supporter
1970: 'The ___ Valley'
For fear that
Relative of an exam
Source of milk
The one over there
1967: '___ [Part 2] A Miracle'
1965: 'Genghis ___'

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