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Can you name the words starting with DE that are clued as if they are having something removed?

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Fake DE-word clueDE-wordReal DE-word clue
Remove a commercial from TVPassed away
Remove a keyboard key or model CarolPassed out cards
Remove a piece of computer dataA charge against a bank account
Remove a two-level bedRefute a myth
Remove a farewell wordA unit for measuring a dipole
Remove a common contractionPour wine away from the dregs
Remove a word meaning shyAn artificial hunting bird
Remove a gland tubeRemove a sum from the total
Remove a word meaning beforeTractor maker John
Remove a corral borderA type of psychological mechanism (UK)
Remove a monetary penaltyGive a term a meaning
Remove the evaporated liquidFrench painter Edgar
Remove the lampGive pleasure to
Remove the Olympic sled relativeFlood
Remove the dust particlePut down to a lower rank
Remove Albany's state abbr.Declare untrue
Remove the staged look at a photo shootQuestion a witness pretrial
Remove an amusment park featureRidicule
Remove an address for a kingWant deeply
Remove the RPM car gaugeRemove a part of
Remove an examHate
Remove a marked ballotConsecrate or hallow

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