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QUIZ: Can you name the words that become new words when you 'POKE OUT' all the letter 'I's?

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I-full ClueAnswerI-less Clue
Evidence you were elsewhere during a crimeLong white papal vestment
A thiamine vitamin deficiencyA language and people of northern Africa
An often red wading birdNonsense; a pile of crap
An Italian red wineTune from a monk
EmblematicMolarity (abbr.)
Capital of Timor-LesteGroup of injured MLB players
A peculiar language expressionA title for a monk
An imbecileA morsel of Morse code
An increased release of urineCompulsion by threat
More spunky thanGenerate pus, like a wound
State of being hirsuteGear to restrain an animal
Half of HispaniolaBowler or tam, e.g.
One from New Zealand1000 Joules per second (abbr.)
Epic tale of the Trojan WarA young man
Act as a go-betweenEmit coherent light
An inflamation of the small intestineAllows
Standard for orchestral sound filesThe boss of an RN
Silly thingsCity in western France on the Loire
An imbecileThe full mass of a container (abbr.)
A native Eskimo of Alaska or CanadaPecan or cashew, e.g.
Halves of diametersCool or hip
Someone from Tehran, e.g.Did the marathon
A castor bean-based toxinA large US Cable company
The name for the / symbolsNo longer up for purchase
Egyptian GoddessNazi's intellegence and security branch
Like a font that slanted for emphasisLowest mineral on the Mohs scale
Capital of TaiwanAdhesive strip
Leg boneNot yet known (abbr.)
Conical tent home for plains indiansWhat one wipes their bum with
Most sinewy and suppleGain power difficultly by force

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