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Can you name the 6-letter words that have a second letter R, that make another word when the R is removed?

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_R____ Clue (6-Letter)AnswerR-less Clue (5-Letter)
Silver or money, in FrenchMaxwell Smart or James Bond, e.g.
A distilled wineExchange back and forth, like in a conversation
Tear a hole inA sandy coast
That which a bra cup holdsA monster
A birth with the baby oriented incorrectlyA type of tree
Very strong, like a lightA bay in a coastal bend
A Sunday morning mealA whole lot of
Relative of a nookClever or shrewd
A depression on the moonProvide the food for an event
A fold in some clothPut an end to
Get down with bent kneesA sofa
Fall into a light sleepUse a divining rod to find water
A compadreAn evil sort
A scareAn argument or battle
Like a green lawnLike someone who ate a lot of beans
Crushed stoneA judge's 'hammer'
A personal address to GodOne who puts up the money
Offer a sermonA stone fruit
Cancer or Capricorn, e.g.A subject of a conversation
A V-shaped channel for animal feedDifficult
A tool for a bricklayerA cloth for drying
A plumber's toolA medieval beer server
Author Richard of 'Native Son'Isle in the English Channel

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