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Can you name the 5-letter words that have a second letter R, that make another word when the R is removed?

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_R___ Clue (5-Letter)AnswerR-less Clue (4-Letter)
Elizabeth of beauty productsGulf in Yemen
Suit for a knightLove, to the Romans
Done hastily without regard to consequenceA huge party
Snap a bonePecker for a peacock
Groom's partnerWait awhile
Adrien of 'The Pianist'A whole human
Best Picture of 2005Cold, hard money
Nixon was apparently not thisPrepare dinner
A feeling of uneaseSpent, like a battery
Send a golf ball down the courseGracefully enter a pool
Suffocate under waterSoft duck feathers
Actor Fred who starred on 'Hunter'One who tints cloth
Sigmund the psychiatristBattle between families
Former Senate Majority Leader BillA clenched hand
Large, like a white sharkBeowulf was of this people
An old British 4 pence coinCapricorn, as an animal
Food for whalesSlay
Command from a military figureRiver in the Czech republic
ShrimpShrimpy piece on the chessboard
Groom yourself carefullyThe hooker's boss
Part of a plugThe 'first' video game
Family in 'East of Eden'A piece of work to be done
A set of cards taken in bridgeSucking forest pest
A food fish that can be of a rainbow varietyPromote or talk up
Twist to remove liquidProjection from a plane

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