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Name these things that begin with each letter of the alphabet with a second letter R.

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Clue_R* Thing
The Greek goddess of the hunt and the moonA
The liquid halogen elementB
A board game that includes Data Head and Star Performer categoriesC
Malfoy who plagues Harry Potter at HogwartsD
The smallest of the Great LakesE
Mathematical set with a repeating pattern like Mandelbrot set often represented visuallyF
One of the four fundamental forcesG
Beowulf's king plagued by GrendelH
The colorful part of the eyeI
Author of 'The Hobbit' and 'The Lord of the Rings'J
Official residence of the president of RussiaK
The author of 'Dianetics' and the founder of ScientologyL
Nickname for Carrie Bradshaw's on-again-off-again man on 'Sex and the City'M
Advocacy group in the US supporting the Second AmendmentN
Japanese art of folding paperO
The capital of the Czech RepublicP
A scannable square matrix readable by machines (often used to represent URLs)Q
Like a movie requiring its attendees be 17 years or older in the USR
Country formerly known as CeylonS
The basketball team from PortlandT
The seventh planet from the sunU
The sound of an enging revvingV
One of the murder weapons in the game of ClueW
The NATO radio alphabet member between Whiskey and YankeeX
Higgs' love interest in 'Erewhon' whose surname is Nosnibor, where names are backwardsY
Noble family of Hungary and Croatia or the village or castle named for themZ

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