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Can you name the phrases that are 3-letter and 4-letter words where the second word has the added letter at the end?

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A cute clue for the phrase3-letter 4-Letter PhraseAdded Letter
A big bash for womenA
Bread for your autoB
Fashion inspired by the letter XC
What Solo holds his gun withD
An obese goddess who tells of destinyE
Result of vomiting in a tavernF
A satyr's feeling of remorseG
Calculating the area of your front door rugH
The iPhone voice, after being knightedI
A basin for transgressionsK
The ringlet on a dogL
A business specializing in evergreensM
Despot Idi, as a Frenchman's friendN
When a former soldier says noO
An incline for a male sheepP
Crying output after burning yourself on ChamomileR
A kiss on yellow ride to schoolS
A caprine animal from West IndiaT
A ballet skirt for a PharaohU
Damage sportscaster AlbertV
An expert bow of a shipW
The pinnacle of primatesX
A military of only limbsY
File a legal brief against a canalZ

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