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Can you name the 4-Letter words that have an 'A' as their second letter from patterns?

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_ A ? _ Clue
_ A A _Large Swedish automaker
_ A B _A movie about a talking pig
_ A C _Speed system based on sound
_ A D _A usually dry stream bed or valley
_ A E _A Scottish highlander
_ A F _Foolish or insane
_ A G _The 3 Wise Men
_ A H _A large Hawaiian island
_ A I _The living embodiment of Mother Earth
_ A J _A pilgrimage to Mecca
_ A K _A Japanese beverage based on fermented rice
_ A L _Ingredient in beer
_ A M _A ovine child
_ A N _Without, from the French
_ A O _Country in Asia
_ A P _Famed California wine valley
_ A R _A rank of the British peerage
_ A S _Mathematician from 'A Beautiful Mind'
_ A T _Famed Roman statesman (either Elder or Younger)
_ A U _Mr. Tumnus, for example
_ A V _Indonesian island
_ A W _It captures during en passant
_ A X _What a hackney works in
_ A Y _A central American civilization
_ A Z _Music genre that was the word of the 20th century for the ADS

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