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Can you name the 4-Letter words that have an 'E' as their second letter from patterns?

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_ E ? _ Clue
_ E A _King who is father to Cordelia, Regan and Goneril
_ E B _A domestic ox from India
_ E C _8 quarts
_ E D _Adam in the title of George Eliot novel
_ E E _The hemispherical side of a hammer
_ E F _Chief or leader, from the Spanish
_ E G _The brightest star in Lyra
_ E H _An American soft drink since 1924
_ E I _Part of a bride's outfit
_ E J _Word for already in French
_ E K _Fake out, in hockey
_ E L _Billiards surface
_ E M _Name of a missing clownfish
_ E N _Fallon's predecessor
_ E O _A noble gas
_ E P _Type of hat de Gaulle often wore
_ E Q _Abbreviation for something mandatory
_ E R _A giant science research center in Switzerland
_ E S _Currency of Argentina and the Philippines
_ E T _The abominable snowman
_ E U _The head of the Greek pantheon
_ E V _One of the sons of Jacob
_ E W _Vulgar or obscene
_ E X _Use iMessage
_ E Y ____-Rautha Harkonnen of 'Dune' (played by Sting)
_ E Z _A selection of small dishes served to accompany alcoholic drinks

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