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Can you name the 4-Letter words that have an 'O' as their second letter from patterns?

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_ O ? _ Clue
_ O A _It comes as anthracite or bituminous forms
_ O B _A Japanese noodle made from buckwheat flour
_ O C _Body of water with Nessie sightings
_ O D _Concluding section of a musical work
_ O E _Haiku or tanka, e.g.
_ O F _Solid bean curd
_ O G _The Golden Arches or the Swoosh, e.g.
_ O H _The capital city of Qatar
_ O I _An emptiness or lacking
_ O J _A martial arts training studio
_ O K _The Norse god of mischief
_ O L _Disney cartoon with a dog voiced by John Travolta
_ O M _A toothed haircare implement
_ O N _Male member of a religious order simliar to a Friar
_ O O _Destitute
_ O P _Interjection said after an accident
_ O R _A high energy snack mix for hiking with nuts and fruit
_ O S _Dance franctically at a rock concert
_ O T _A nocturnal lepidopteran insect
_ O U _A military overthrow
_ O V _Zero, in tennis
_ O W _Slack flesh around lower face
_ O X _Sly
_ O Y _An athlete at Georgetown
_ O Z _A foolish or incompetent person

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