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Can you name the 4-Letter words that have an 'I' as their second letter from patterns?

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_ I ? _ Clue
_ I A _One who prevaricates
_ I B _A general sometimes gut feeling about something
_ I C _Saint equated with Santa Claus
_ I D _Lover of Aeneas or singer of 'Thank You'
_ I E _A pattern of meals with limited food intake
_ I F _The villain in 'The Back to the Future' movies
_ I G _Stop or yield, e.g.
_ I H _Greg whose band sang 'Jeopardy' and 'The Breakup Song'
_ I I _Jacob the muckraker who wrote 'How the Other Half Lives'
_ I J _A Pacific island nation with its capital at Suva
_ I K _Greek goddess of victory
_ I L _Breathing organ for a fish
_ I M _A ten-cent coin
_ I N _One part of a chain
_ I O _A idyllic term for the Jewish homeland
_ I P _Like fruit that's ready to eat
_ I R _Spanish surrealist painter Joan
_ I S _A board game of global conquest
_ I T _London, Tokyo, or New York, e.g.
_ I U _One of 12 popes
_ I V _The hypoteneuse of a right triangle with legs of 3 and 4
_ I W _A New Zealander or a sweet fuzzy fruit
_ I X _Word that follows prix or idée
_ I Y _Slangy version of hello
_ I Z _Result of opening a carbonated beverage

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